Just Because…

It is snowing – for the second time in a week here in Jersey, and because I have decided my university should close, even though they have yet to, I’ve decided to postpone any actual schoolwork. Instead, I am distracting myself from what I should be doing by finding fun things online to share with you. And you. Since there are at most two people who read this.

First off, however, some nice pictures of the current weather from this morning through tonight.

And, now for some warmer colors and fun things 🙂

I love this simple but elegant side porch. I wouldn’t mind having it myself!

I love this kitchen – it is has both modern and traditional style, and they meld nicely together. And I love islands, so that is a must! Both of the above can be found here.

I discovered Lonny Magazine, which can be viewed online, and has some wonderful ideas. This one in particular is awesome – the illusion of actual books, but it is really wallpaper.As a book nerd, I dig it. (update: through random blog surfing, I was able to track down the location from whence this came: Anthropolgie!) I wasn’t able to figure out how to post that picture, so you have to do an extra click to see it.  

And this little guy is just so cute. He can be found at this blog, which has some other fun items.

And…some geekery: “I Love You” in Binary code, as pictured below.

This, and other cute pieces can be found at Wall Envy Art on Etsy

And finally, this fun website, titled Out of Print Clothing, featuring shirts such as:

Granted, they only have these for Men’s sizes, but I believe that Women’s are coming in March. Love em!

So….that’s all for now, just some random things to look at to distract you from whatever you should be doing, or could be doing to better spend your time. 🙂